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Watch Us Build. Watch Now!

Crucita Del Mar - Strutting A Superstructure.....

Superstructure For Tower A Is Completed. The "Bones" Are Done...

Watch us build the Superstructure for Tower A at Crucita Del Mar.  See the entire Superstructure go up, floor by floor.  Now that the "Bones" of the Tower are done, the next phase will be exterior walls, interior walls, "rough in"plumbing, and "rough in" electric.  We've opted for a modern, "panels wall" system, utilizing a steel frame core, and fiber concrete panels, creating a "sandwich wall"  We will keep you  updated.  Watch us build.  "Go Crucita Del Mar Go"!

Crucita Del Mar - Tower A, Up and Up....

Finished Second Floor "Pour" - Tower A.

We completed the second floor "pour" for that slab.  It is going along nicely.  We have high rise experts, actively watching the work, and on site every day.  We are currently working 7 days a week, 12 hours a day on the "Estructura /.Superstructure.  Click the video to Watch It Now.

Crucita Del Mar - Tango On Tower A

Crucita Del Mar - Tower A., Building The Big Footings, Zapatas Grandes...

We did the additional "earthwork" which included: re-survey of the 218 aggregate piers underground, dirt work to expose the very tops of those piers, form work for the "Bases" of the footings.  Re-engineering some structural details to make the footings larger.  Then we did the first "pour" for the footings and we completed the concrete work.  Then we had some really "BIG FOOTINGS" ready!  "Zapatas Grandes".  Click the video to Watch It Now.

Crucita Del Mar - Rockin The Foundations.

"Built Rock-Tough" - Geopier Foundation Installation, A and F.

We found the best possible Foundation System for construction in our beach environment.  Geopier has been providing Foundation Systems in the U.S., Canada, and now licenses contractors globally for over 25 years.  Geopier owns a proprietary system that uses rammed aggregate rock "piers".  The "piers" are hammered down, going down 24 or 25 feet into the ground.  The benefit of the Geopier system is the complete mitigation and prevention of soils liquifaction. That prevents the possibility of shifting, and provides excellent foundational support and high load bearing pressure. That's an engineers "dream" for building at the beach.  Want that in English? Okay:  we replaced the beach sand with rock, so now we are building on rock!  Click the video to Watch It Now.

Crucita Del Mar - Build 5 Update. Infrastructure

Playing in the Sandbox. Building Walls and Infrastructure: "Concrete Sandbox". 4-2015.

We built all the Crucita Del Mar community infrastructure, including the temporary roads, power transformer, an administration office, a basic fiber optic connection, phone service, a guard house, and a really nice main entrance with landscaping.  We also spent some time building up the site levels so that the area where the Towers are being built will be 12 feet above sea level.  It took extra time and money to raise the site levels, and to build the necessary contention walls (think "concrete sand box").  The result is added security for the community, with some extra elevation above sea level.  that protects everyone's investment and adds value and peace of mind.  Click the video to Watch It Now.

Crucita Del Mar - Rockin A Road. Wanna Road?

Crucita Del Mar - Construction of Access Road, Bridge, and Community Temporary Roads1. 10-2014.

We bought some additional land that allowed us to "connect" to the main road at the rear of our property.  That is great because it gives us a secure, and private access road that we control.  The only problem was, there was no road there and we had to buidl a bridge to get over some wetlands.  No problem ; just a minor detail, right?  Click the video to Watch It Now!

Crucita Del Mar - The Beach. 3 Acres Oceanfront

Crucita Del Mar - Check Out The Condo Site Before Construction Started.

We bought 3 acres of oceanfront land on the central Pacific coast in Ecuador. Then all we had to do is figure out "What to do with it?"  The adventure began.... Click the video and Watch It Now!

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