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Ecuador Real Estate: Crucita Del Mar FAQS

Check out these FAQS and Fun Area Info:



How to get There:

Currently from the U.S. one would fly from Miami, FL to Quito, Ecuador, an approximate 4 hour flight.

We like LAN and American Airlines.  From Quito, then it is about a short 25 minute flight to the coast to Manta, Ecuador.  We usually fly Avianca for the short coastal flight.


If you decide to come see us, we can arrange for a "property tour" for you.  Also we can help you make

arrangements for accomodations, for pick up at the Manta airport, or for a driver if you need one.


We've been told that (hopefully) as soon as mid 2015, the airport in Manta will start receiving international flights from Miami and other cities in the U.S.  The Manta airport is currently operating as an international cargo airport.  Once the airport opens international passenger flights from Miami, the travel time will drop to 3.5 hours on a nonstop flight.


The Manta airport is only a 25 minute drive to Crucita Del Mar.  President Correa has made a public commitment to finish road improvements along the entire Pacific Coast.  In the Manta to Bahia

stretch, we can expect construction of the coastal road to start late in 2014.  This newly improved coastal highway is already completed along the rest of the coast.  The coastal highway will run from Manta north across the Navy property, all the way up past Crucita.  The new improved road will run about a quarter mile behind Crucita Del Mar, across a new bridge to be built at "La Boca" near San Clemente, and then all the way north to Bahia.  We are in the "Path of Progress", which always equals "good investment."


Cost of Living:


Low Low Low !!!

$1.00 per gallon for Diesel Fuel.

$1.49 per gallon for regular gasoline.

$2.01 per gallon for supreme gasoline.

$70.00 per month average cost for electricity for a 1000 sq foot condo.

$87.00 per year estimated cost for your property taxes for a 1000 sq foot condo.

$80.00 per month per person cost for  Ecuador "Resident Visa" health insurance.


Mild Weather:


75-84 degrees year round daytime temperatures in coastal Manabi Province.  Nice dry "arid" climate.  A lot like Southern California.  But 1/20th of the cost.  And very few bugs most of the year during the dry season.  See the local weather at Crucita Del Mar on our Web Cam page.


Friendly People:

We have found the Ecuadorean people to be very friendly and unpretentous.  Of course Crucita is a "working fishing village" in a Latin American country.  So you will see the good, the bad, and the ugly.

We have felt very very safe in the small fishing towns of Crucita and San Clemente.  You will meet many very friendly Ecuadoreans.


Fun Stuff To Do:


There are good local restaurants right on the Malecon (ocean front road) in Crucita.  We like David's place - "Motumbas" for great seafood.  Also you can check out "Riminis Bar", a fun local hang out.  Most of the meals in these small local restaurants run around $5.00 to $7.00 per person.  It's a lot of food!  It's a lot of fun walking around in Crucita.  There are a lot of funky beachfront bars there.


For a nice day trip, take a 20 minute drive up the coast to the beach town of San Clemente.  Palmazul Hotel in San Clemente has a wonderful oceanfront restaurant called "Cocomar", that serves local cuisine and nice wines at reasonable prices.  My favorite dish at Cocomar is the coconut encrusted prawns.  The best thing I've eaten in Ecuador!  The atmosphere at Palmazul is great..  You can enjoy your local seafood meal, while sitting on an outdoor terrace with direct views of the pool and the Pacific ocean beyond.  Check out this link to Cocomar.


If you are feeling adventurous, you can try paragliding in Crucita.  Up on the mountain (La Loma) over Crucita town there is another restaurant with local flavor.  There you can arrange for a tandem paraglide ride with Raul or his brother Louis.  Raul has been giving paraglide rides and classes on La Loma for about 15 years, so he is the expert.  If you dare to try it, you will see the entire coastline over Crucita, from a birds eye view.  (See our Videos page, to see the view.)

Top Ten Reasons to Live at Crucita Del Mar


10.  Fresh Seafood and Locally Grown Produce

9.   Quaint Rustic Small Fishing Town

8.   Bang for Your Buck

7.   Pharmacy Bars and Restaurants in Town

6.   Growing Expat Community

5.   Whale Sightings in Season and Paragliding

4.   Nice Climate with Low Humidity - Dry

3.   Location, Location, Location, close to Manta and Portoviejo

2.   Sunsets - Tranquility

1.   Beautiful Beaches and Views


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