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Recent News:  We've Started Construction!  See the Video Here

News Flash:  Crucita Del Mar Rocks A New Road

Steve Conroy  October 13, 2014


We've Started!  Well it's been an adventure.  Now we're under way.  We just spent the month of September in Crucita. While we were there we got a lot done.  We'd already purchased some adjacent land some months back,  Our plan was to use that land for a private access road into the condo site.  We wanted a secure private access, that we would control during and after construction is completed.


So we hired a specialized road contractor.  He built a bridge and culvert over some low areas, and cut a road up the dune line to the crest of the dune.  That private 'driveway" now connects our condo project directly to the main two lane asphalt road at the rear of the property, "Via de Boca Los Arenales".


Then we had the entire internal road system surveyed on the site.  Each road spur was physically marked with survey markers on the land. We needed to make sure that we built the road in exactly the right place.  Also, we had the survey crew mark the exact locations of Tower A, Tower F, and the Clubhouse.  You really gotta put those buildings in the right places too!!!


We reviewed the site plans, and made arrangements to build our administration building, the guard shack, and the community gate; all will now be at the back of the property.  This is a great place for those structures.  Now we can control the access for: workers, subcontractors, materials deliveries, service deliveries, customers and visitors to the site.  Also, the inherent benefit is that we won't be buidling any road sytems at the oceanfront now.  That will keep any vehicles or visitors to the back of the site, and away from the oceanfront.  Much Better!


Our plans call for a grand entrance, with palm trees lining the private drive, all the way up to the gate.   We will have lush foliage and resort style "up lighting" to show off the landscaping and our "Crucita Del Mar" entrance and community logo.


We've just created a simple slide show video, showing the road construction "time released" as it happened in Crucita Del Mar during the first two weeks in September.


Please take 4 minutes, and look at the slide show video.  It's not perfect, but you get the idea!  I think you'll  be entertained. 


Oh yeah ; if you haven't bought a condo yet, you may really miss the boat on this.


Call me today:  850-227-4914 :




Steve Conroy

Crucita Del Mar


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