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Hey.  I just wanted to give you a quick update about us and Crucita Del Mar:

We were totally blessed with no damage to the condo project.  Sort of a miracle if you ask us......

Here is a quick update, following the earthquake in Ecuador.  It is sad, and we will pray for the families there.

Good News:
First and most importantly, all our people on the ground there are all okay.
(So far, most of the families of our workers are accounted for and fine. We
are checking still on some that live in outlying areas.)

I guess we picked a good time to be here in Port St Joe.  Since we have communications here, we are actually better off here.  We can work and do some good.  The clean up will take some months in the area.


Tower A is fine, and there is no damage!
I know that is a big relief for all of us.

I got an email from the construction team leader
on the job site.  Sunday morning, at daybreak they
inspected Tower A and found no damage or problems.
(Maybe our extra measures on the Foundations paid off.)

We fared well.  We want to thanks our crew leaders, the whole team, and their families. They did a great job, and all went the extra mile for us, to insure good quality construction. We are finding that paid off.
Also, here is a very recent Google Drive picture link, which shows the project site, taken by our field engineer AFTER the quake:

Crucita Del Mar - After Quake Pictures. Click Here:





The only issues we have are literally minuscule, like a few surface cracks in paint coatings on some project perimeter walls, a few pictures and office stuff displaced, etc.  What a relief!


Although Crucita did get a "good shaking", and there is some damage around there, it is very minor compared to some of the other areas.

You may have heard Portoviejo had some extensive damage, but that was mostly in the central commercial area.  That area is pretty bad, and mostly the buildings were old, some without even having been engineered and without Permits.

Manta had some damage in the Tarqui area, on the hill, and around the Malecon area.
Guayaquil damage was exaggerated by the press here, and our boots on the ground
say that damage was localized to several road underpasses and a few large structures
so not the whole city.

The worst of it seems to be farther north, near the epicenter,
around the cities of Muisne and Pedernales.

We are praying for the lost, and for their families, to find some peace in this.
It will take some time.  Ecuadorian people are great and resilient group.
So please take a minute from your day and pray for them today.

I will update you as we get more info and receive pictures as well.
Keep in mind it may be some days, since communications and
internet are still out in places.
All the best..............

Steve and Mary Ann
Go Crucita Del Mar Go!
Crucita Del Mar

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